Sound Recording

Our facility covers every aspect of sound recording, both studio and field. In-house variety of microphones, preamps, wireless systems & sound recorders alongside with the experience of our engineers are at your disposal. Our specialty is surround film production sound, but we’re also specialized in TV production sound, ADR recording, commercials, voice-overs, talent casting, ENG productions, Foley work and sound for games & multimedia.

Sound Mixing & Mastering

The Studio is equipped with a state-of-the-art calibrated surround monitor system, up-to date audio hardware & software. Here you can safely & accurately mix and master anything from multi channel surround audio to stereo applications. Deliverances for any media you need: digital intermediates, DCP, DVD or Blu-Ray.

Music Composing & Recording

Our award-wining music composers can profoundly compose and arrange original soundtracks for your productions in a diversity of styles. Custom music scores with simple and direct sync licensing.
We are also offering professional music recording and editing services. Our engineers are music educated, experienced and has worked for the major Film and TV series productions for a long time.

Voice-over Recording

Professional Voice Over recording, talent casting and sync licensing. English, native Serbian and regional speakers (Croatian, Bosnian, Slovenian).

Voice over and dubbing services for TV commercials, Films, Series, Animation, Documentaries, Audio books and other media.

Extensive selection of voice talents. Our clients can record and monitor our recording sessions in real-time remotely over the internet.

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ADR recording / Remote recording sessions

ADR recording sessions with industry standard equipment and great sounding acoustics.

Connect to our studio in a remote recording session via Internet, and enjoy the benefits of real time monitoring and direct communication with the recording talent. We can provide time-code lock ADR recording sessions with accurate sync in under half frame.

We support Source Connect, SessionLinkPRO, VST Connect and Zoom far-end recording capabilities.

Sound Design and 3D audio

Cutting edge creative sound design with custom recorded and processed sounds for film, animation, games, applications, 360 videos and VR. We are also specialized in recording and mixing surround, binaural and ambisonics audio for true 3D audio experience. Our engineers are familiar with industry standard middleware FMOD and Wwise.

Sound Branding Solutions

Audio consultancy and full audio branding services for campaigns and businesses.

We can help you find your unique sound identity, create and produce purposeful audio communication based on the synthesis of data science with creative ideas.

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Upmixing, Pull ups/downs, media-authoring

Quality up to 7.1 surround upmix services from stereo or mono sources with downward compatibility. Professional Pull ups / Pull downs (frame rate conversions), with industry standard pitch correction. Media-authoring services in variety of formats (Dolby Digital, Dolby E, ProLogic, AmbiX, Fuma etc.)