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Sound Guru Studios is a professional sound and audio production and post-production facility located in the heart of south-eastern Europe in the beautiful city of Belgrade, Serbia. With over 15 years of experience in various fields of professional sound and music productions, we have worked for the major Film, TV and Multimedia productions, successfully delivering high quality audio and developing dedication and passion for sound perfection. Welcome to our creative world of sound.

Mixing Room

At the heart of the studios is our mixing room. Pleasant atmosphere with precise and accurate sound monitoring will get your production sounding pristine, and spark your ideas! The room is equipped with up to date studio hardware and software, surround monitoring and calibrated studio environment.

  • Pro tools and Nuendo systems (both Mac and PC)
  • Audio and Video playback systems synced with LTC and MTC time code
  • Calibrated Surround Monitoring with or without bass management


Mixing room at Sound Guru Studios
Studio recording room

Recording Room

The Talent Room – Quality recording space with good studio room acoustics can accommodate up to five persons recording.

This room is specially designed with variable acoustics to sound great on every source. We usually use this room to record voice overs, sound effects, foley, music instruments and as a ADR recording stage.

  • Sync to Picture are provided via large screen
  • 16 audio channels link with control room
  • Real time monitoring matrix to Source Connect or ISDN
  • Automated Streamers and Punches for visual cues (ADR)
  • Cameras for visual communications



Studio Lounge

A place for discussing ideas, forging creative strategies, relaxing or just having a great cup of coffee and pleasantly enjoying your break from overwhelming sound sensations.

  • Great home-brewed coffee
  • Refreshments
  • Magazines and books


Sound Guru Studios Lounge Room
On Time

We are working around the clock to ensure your project gets completed on time and according to schedule. 

Complete Sound Production

You can let us handle full sound production services for your project - from initial recording, through post-production to finished sound.

Fast & Reliable

Experienced, Fast and Reliable are our top qualities. We bring you only the best, professional sound for your productions to our mutual satisfaction.