Sound Branding Solutions For Your Business

Sound branding


What is Sound branding?

Sound branding is the way to convey your message to a broad audience and connect with customers by using music, sound, voice, sound effects, and any combination of these strategically.

Why is Sound branding important for your company?

Advances in technology and social media have changed people's behavior and consumption habits. Overwhelmed by the amount and diversity of available information, people have developed shorter attention spans and more demanding expectations from brands.

If they do not yet know a product or service, they will give it only a few seconds of attention before moving on.

That is why every effective brand strategy should include different senses to grab and hold people’s attention. Sound branding is the fastest way to engage and seize attention. It only takes around 0.146 seconds for human beings to react to sound.

Sound Branding is most effective when sound and other brand attributes are ideally aligned.

In the digital world that we live in, we use many media channels and touchpoints on a daily basis. Audio enabled media are increasing. Studies show that, in 2023, users made more than 1 billion voice searches every month. More than 50% of adults worldwide use voice searches daily, and 71% of people use voice assistants to play music. The choice of sound, music, and voice can determine whether you will connect with your customers or not.

Every company needs to find a genuine audio identity and stand out.

Audio identity aligned with visual identity, authentic to who you are, your vision values, what you stand for will reinforce your brand.

Your sound should be clear, simple, original, and consistent. With consistent use, your sound will be recognizable, and your customers can easily relate and connect through various touchpoints.

What is an Audio TouchPoint?

An audio touchpoint is any point of customer interaction with your brand that involves recorded or designed sound (voice, music, and/or sound effects).

Sound Touchpoints

Benefits of Sound Branding 

Sound Branding will help you

  • Grasp the attention and connect faster with customers
  • Humanize and unify your brand, create a distinctive brand identity
  • Improve brand recall, create memorable brand Identity
  • Transcend language and cultural barriers
  •  Impact your customer's mood
  •  Enrich customers' experience, increase trust in your brand
  •  Increase sales
  •  Will save you money in the long run


With sound branding, you can enrich customer experience and engage with your customers faster, in a deeper, emotionally memorable way. Sound has evocative and effective power.

Sound branding takes advantage of the most powerful memory of the human brain – sound.

It only takes a split of a second for human beings to react to sound.

Music and sound have a unique effect on us, especially memory and feelings. They can have a great subconscious impact, evoking our mood and feelings.

The power of sound transcends culture, language, and even the visual world.

Voice, music, and sound can connect you better with customers, increase customer satisfaction and sales, make your employees happier, more productive, and with all that increase your revenue.

Sound branding is cost-efficient. Initially, it may cost more, but in the long run, it will cost less than using licensed or popular music.


Great audio branding is a team effort of marketing and sound experts. 

Marketing experts are researching the market, gathering data about your company - your mission, vision, values, products or services, target group, existing and potential touchpoints, brand visuals, and your competition.

They use data science to write a report so that sound designers and composers can, in the next step, create and develop your brand's unique sound, your Sound identity (Brand Sound DNA)

Brand Sound DNA is a unique collection of auditory characteristics that are aligning harmonically with your brand identity. We can also describe it as sonic elements that form perfect building blocks to your sound branding image.

Brand Sound DNA usually consists of Theme, Sound design, Instrument, Riffs, Harmony, Sound Guideline.

From this system, sound designers and composers will create themes and variations for different touchpoints, and Sound Guideline, the plan how to use sound strategically and consistently across all audio touchpoints.


Audio consultancy and full audio branding service

We can help you find your unique sound identity, create and produce purposeful audio communication based on the synthesis of data science with creative ideas.

Our team can offer you audio consultancy for your campaign and full audio branding service. Award-winning composers, sound designers, music editors, voice-over artists, marketing researchers, and strategists will guide you through the process of defining your sound, create your unique audio ecosystem that is aligned with your other brand features.

Dedicated to creating and producing the most effective sound identity to convey your message, your values, what you stand for so that you can build a strong and personal connection with your customers.

Contact us for more information and inquires about sound branding solutions for your brand or business.