Standing ovations for A Fleeting Dream (YU Grupa – Trenutak Sna) at its world premiere

A fleeting dream - film premiere. Photo: CEBEF / Predrag Mitić

We are thrilled to share the news of the successful premiere of film A Fleeting Dream (YU grupa – Trenutak sna), directed by Darko Lungulov, at the 51st International Film Festival – FEST in Belgrade.

The premiere was a resounding success, with standing ovations from the audience.

Our studio had the pleasure of working on the audio post production and surround sound mix for this captivating film. Miloš Drobnjaković did an amazing job as re-recording mixer, and he received many praises for the effective sound.

YU Grupa - Trenutak sna / A Fleeting Dream - Premiere at FEST Belgrade


A Fleeting Dream is a 90-minute masterpiece that follows the journey of the rock and roll band YU Grupa, which outlived the country it was named after. It is also a story about a family and the three Jelić brothers, who grow up together with the new country, Yugoslavia. The film intertwines the fate of the country, the group, and the family in a creative and intimate way. The use of archival footage and never-before-seen Super 8 footage is masterfully woven into a story that follows more than 50 years of love, struggle, and success.

A Fleeting Dream features Žika Jelić, Dragi Jelić, Petar Jelić, Raša Đelmaš, Dragoljub Đuričić, Saša Radojević – Žule, Peca Popović and Siniša Škarica, among others. The music score was composed by Petar Jelić.

Produced by Darko Lungulov through Belgrade’s Papa Films, with support from Film Center Serbia, “A Fleeting Dream” has received much-deserved recognition at 51. FEST international film festival in Belgrade. We believe that this is just the beginning of a long and successful journey for this wonderful documentary film.

Photo credits: CEBEF / Predrag Mitić

Keep an eye out for upcoming screenings and release dates, and be sure to catch this inspiring and moving film.

Next screening 51. FEST on BIS / 10.03.2023.

Film Credits:

Director: Darko Lungulov

DOP: Đorđe Arambašić, Stefan Đorđević, Ivan Šijak, Andreja Hamović, Petar Popović, Strahinja Marković, Nikola Majdak Jr, Vladimir Đurić, Ivan Todorovski, Ivana Rajić

Editor: Miloš Korać

Cast: Žika Jelić, Dragi Jelić, Petar Jelić, Raša Đelmaš, Dragoljub Đuričić, Saša Radojević – Žule, Peca Popović, Siniša Škarica

Sound design: Ivan Uzelac

Surround sound mix: Miloš Drobnjaković, Sound Guru Studios